Yesterday afternoon Randy and I were sitting in our 7th floor apartment visiting with a friend who had dropped by. Then the whole room started to shake, the overhead light was swinging back and forth, some empty plastic bottles fell over and the leaves on our house plants started moving. Randy said, “I believe we are having an earthquake.” Randy and our friend seemed quite calm but I was not. I said, “what should we do? This is so scary.” etc., etc. We decided to move to the doorway because we had heard that was the safest place to be. It seemed like the earthquake was going on and on but it probably only lasted a minute or so but that seemed like a very looooong time!

When the movement stopped we left the apartment. We took the elevator down which was not the right decision. Usually our apartment elevator is fast and quiet. As we went down the elevator was really slow and made a lot of horrible sounds but we made it down. If you are ever in an earthquake, don’t take the elevator!

When we got outside, the streets and sidewalks were full of people, some of them crying but no one appeared to be hurt. After standing around for 30 minutes or so we went to a nearby coffee shop where we sat with a group of school friends and exchanged earthquake stories. The police were driving up and down our street using a loudspeaker to tell people not to re-enter their buildings.

After a couple of hours we weren’t sure what to do and everyone else appeared to have re-entered their buildings so we all headed back to our apartments. As we walked up the seven flights of stairs we noticed many new cracks in the walls along with broken plaster on the ground but other than that everything seemed okay.

Last night as I was brushing my teeth to go to bed I noticed the towels in the bathroom started swinging. It was one of several aftershocks that continued through the night. None of the aftershocks was as powerful as the initial earthquake, thank goodness!

Here is a link to some coverage of the earthquake on the Weather Channel.

Weather Channel link

Thank you for all the calls, texts and messages of concern. We appreciate it so very much.



17 thoughts on “Earthquake!!!

  1. Wow! Your adventures never end! Thanks for letting us know that you and your friends are safe. Hopefully, that will be your only earthquake experience for the duration!


  2. Well, not exactly the kind of adventure I wanted to read about, but so glad you are both fine!   And I hope/pray that you don’t have to experience again! Jan

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  3. Phew! I thought about you when I heard about the earthquake. So glad to know you guys are okay. And now I know to not use an elevator after one! Take care of yourselves.


  4. Holy moly! That was a little more action than you bargained for, especially on the seventh floor. Wow! Obviously grateful that you were not hurt or damaged. As always, I LOVE your reports, although I’m not sure my replies get to you. I didn’t even try to send a happy birthday message. Hope things are going well with your 10 little darling students. So refreshing. 🙂 Hugs, dear one…..aunt jean


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