The Challenge of Getting to Albania

The morning we were to fly to Albania was the same day that Fairport got 5 inches of rain in 6 hours.  In fact, Fairport was put under a state of emergency because of all the rain.  Yikes! Our flight was not  until the afternoon so we hoped that all would be okay.  In fact, Randy and I told each other during the drive to the airport that we needed to stay clam about all the travel plans that can go wrong when you fly.  We had no control over it so we just needed to flow with it all.

We ended up coming back home that evening to spend the night because of all the flight delays. 😦  We rented a car and drove to JFK the next day.  We were rebooked five times on Turkish Air before finally flying out.


Hooray, we have now boarded our Turkish Air flight to Istanbul!


We made it to Albania!!!!!! We arrived 24 hours later than originally planned but we are just so relieved to be here.   We are in the line to go through customs.


Yay, all of our luggage made it!


We were met at the airport by Gillian, originally from Canada.  She is a drama teacher and secondary administrator at Albanian College.  Her enthusiasm for what she does is contagious!


We were transported to our hotel by a school van.  We have stayed at the hotel for three nights as we figured out all the details involved in moving to a new apartment in a new country i.e. utilities sorted out, leases signed, sim cards for our phones, etc.  Tomorrow we will be moving into our apartment.  Can’t wait!

23 thoughts on “The Challenge of Getting to Albania

  1. Loving your travel log….PLease keep us in the loop. Tried yesterday to alert you on What’s app that Claire and Matt’s baby was born. Know this is an open blog so hate to clog it up but Margot Caroline Murray was born on Aug. 16 7lbs. 11 oz. 20 inches….they are going home from the hospital today and I fly out tomorrow for a week. Seems like all the Roudeushes are on the road. Lailey sent Uncle Bud home as the wildfires in Wa,. state were very bad this week. Happy Happy times for all. Please pass this along to Elizabeth and family…Holly


  2. I love the calmness that you and Randy used to dealt with the craziness of your travels! So excited to follow your journey Sarah 😊. Glad you are both there safe and sound


  3. So glad you made it safely with all your luggage and most of your sanity. Thanks for the pictures and the smiles. All the best as you settle in.


  4. Happy to hear you made it there safely. If Gillian is any indication of what the rest of the staff is like, you are in good company! Glad you are getting settled. Look forward to your next update.


  5. Good luck with your new adventure, even though it started out so crazy. And Happy Housewarming in your new apartment! Will you stay there the whole time?

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  6. Oh Sarah, so sorry you had such a crazy start to your new adventure. Glad you finally made it! Good luck settling in to your new apartment. Can’t wait to hear more..

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  7. Hi Sarah, Your adventure to Albania started off with a real bang!! What a wonderful journey for you and Randy. Looking forward to hearing from you often. Take Care and Enjoy


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  8. Wow, what a start! And a real test of rolling with the punches! Glad you’re safely arrived and into settling mode. And I hope you’ve left the rain behind, at least for now. It’s great to receive pictures.

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