Earthquake #2 was Stronger and Scarier

This morning a bit before 4:00AM my bed started shaking and I could hear breaking glass and a big bang coming from another part of our apartment. I jumped out of bed but it was not easy to stand because of the shaking. 😦  I felt disoriented, partly because of what was happening and partly because I was woken from sleep. Randy is currently in the States for hunting season so this time I was by myself for the earthquake.


I quickly put on my robe and slippers, grabbed my phone and purse and started walking down the seven flights of stairs to get outside. Just like last time there were lots of people gathered on the sidewalks crying, hugging and huddled in small groups to stay warm since it was about 45 degrees. I connected up with a few teacher friends who live in the same building and after an hour or so we went to a coffee shop to sit and wait and figure out what to do next.

a8fa6819-5e63-4d85-bdc0-d9ddae9d5aaeWe all look happy but actually we are really quite freaked out inside. :O

After a couple of hours we returned to our apartments. During the last earthquake our overhead light swung back and forth, the houseplant leaves moved and an empty plastic bottle fell over. This time our water dispenser fell over (the big bang sound), some glass bottles fell to the ground and several things on some shelves either fell off or were knocked over. Here are a couple of pictures.

I also took this video which is entirely too long.


Cracks in the stairwell walls like last time only bigger now.

If you look at the images on TV about the earthquake in Albania, it all looks pretty horrendous.  Those images are coming from other towns that are 30-40 km from here. Please pray for these Albanians who are having much more severe earthquake damage. The streets and city of Tirana look fine. We walked around some today and really noticed very minimal damage.

The hardest thing about the earthquake is the number of aftershocks. There have been two major ones so far, measuring 5.0 and 5.1. Each time they happen I go down the stairs wait for an hour or so and then go back upstairs. I am definitely okay but the whole thing is just plain unsettling and scary. Of course, school was cancelled for today and tomorrow.

Thanks so much for all your texts and calls expressing your concern.  XOXO


November, 2019

23 thoughts on “Earthquake #2 was Stronger and Scarier

  1. Thank you for the update Sarah..we have been hoping/waiting to hear that you were safe after seeing the earthquake news reports this morning. We can’t wait to see you here at Dudley again 🙂

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  2. At fist when you said broken glass, I thought, oh no, not the colored glass bottles! Glad to see those made it!
    I cannot believe the water tank fell. Wow!
    I am so happy that you are okay. It must have been very scary to go through this one without Randy there. Thankful that your teacher friends were there! You are very brave and strong. Much love to you.

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  3. So glad you are safe and sound. Just saw it on the news and it does look awful, thanks for putting us at ease!!
    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving however you’re celebrating this year.

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  4. Hi Sarah, I had hear about the first one you went through. But did not know about this one until I read your blog. So glad you are okay. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  5. Sarah, thank goodness you’re okay and your town is okay. I’m thankful that you have friends to lean on while Randy is gone. i’m keeping you in my prayers!

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  6. I was relieved to read that you and your friends are all safe. I heard the earthquake news and have been thinking of you. Sending Thanksgiving blessings…

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  7. Sarah, such a scary thing to happen. I am so glad you are safe and okay. Sending prayers for all of the Albanian people. Sending you love for Thanksgiving as well.

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